Home Care

Maintaining a healthy smile depends on what happens between your visits with us.  Good home care habits can be established by anyone committed to carving out a few minutes each day.  Like regular exercise, consistency is the key to building a healthy habit.  Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes and flossing at least once a day are a standard for ideal home care.  

With so many products on the market today, it can be confusing to sort it out alone.  Your hygienist can help you narrow down the endless options and form a plan.  Will an electric toothbrush help you keep your mouth cleaner between visits?  Would a prescription toothpaste help reduce plaque based on your unique chemistry?  Many factors can fit into a plan to maximize the time and effort you put into keeping your smile healthy.

Some patients considered high-risk for dental problems may benefit from more individualized home care routines.  Simple, inexpensive substitutions can transform the environment of your mouth and dramatically reduce disease activity.  For example, Xylitol is a naturally derived sweetener that can minimize cavities in children and adults when used in the right dosages.